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Contract Cutting Our in-house machines provide customers high-precision contract cutting tailored to their needs

Contract cutting services meet the needs of customers who need "workpiece cutting for research and development" and "small volume, multi-product cutting, but who cannot purchase a cutting machine at this point in time."
The machines we design with professional expertise provide optimum cutting for every workpiece.

For manufacturers in the areas of

Do you need contract cutting for any of these issues?

Issues with workpieces

Ultra-thinness Delicateness Extreme thickness Distortion Curvature Workpieces that cannot be fixed in place Softness Workpieces to which adhesive cannot be applied

Challenging cases

Can't find a company to consult with about the cutting projects in development
A lot of new products and sample prototypes
Large variety of small-volume workpieces to cut
Cutting needs that do not justify purchase of a machine
Support throughout equipment deployment
Support for mass production and short delivery times
Cutting equipment is needed, but there are not enough human resources or space for deployment
Test data on an actual machine is required in order to deploy a machine

Contract cutting examples

Available contract cutting (approximate values)

Maximum workpiece size: 450 x 200 mm
Minimum dimensions: 0.1 x 0.1 mm
Cutting accuracy: ±10 μm
*For work outside these dimensions, please consult us.

Contract Cutting Work Flow

Contract Cutting Work Flow

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