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Cutting Machine Lineup

Cutting Machine Lineup/INDEX YAC DAStech is a professional manufacturer striving to be the "last fort of precision sawing"

Our team of professionals view all aspects of cutting machine production planning, design, manufacturing, sales, and refurbishing used machines to provide cutting machines built to meet customer needs.

Cutting machines are known by the various names listed below, but what customers require is the same:They would like to cut the materials beautifully and quickly without waste.
・Cutting equipment ・Slicing/dicing machines ・Slicers/dicing saws ・Slicing machines ・Dicing machines ・Dicing saws ・Slicers ・Forming machines, etc.

But the characteristics of the workpieces are diverse: thick, ultra-thin, delicate, distorted, uneven, soft, complex shapes and new materials. To meet such needs, we offer an extensive product lineup, but customization is our basic idea. We talk to our customers about the challenges they face and propose the most suitable cutting machine to the most suitable specifications.

Slicing/Dicing MachinesSlicing MachinesFully Automatic Slicers
Forming MachinesCore Drill MachinesTechnical Application Products

Slicing/Dicing Machines

Slicing Machines

Fully Automatic Slicers

Forming Machines

Core Drill Machines

Technical Application Products

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