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Cutting Examples

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Our company receives a wide variety of consultations about workpieces (materials) and challenges rejected by other companies.
This page introduces some of our projects organized by workpiece and by solution.

Example of Cut Materials (Hard-to-Cut Materials) by Product
Examples by Suitable Material  Application Examples

Examples of Cut Materials

Example of Cut Materials (Hard-to-Cut Materials) by Product

  • - Thick cutting examples
  • - Large size cutting examples
  • - Package cutting examples of a variety of materials (QFN, etc.)
  • - High-performance drilling examples (core drill examples), etc.

Examples by Suitable Material

  • - Ceramic cutting
  • - Raw ceramic cutting
  • - Various types of metal cutting (SUS, etc.)
  • - Neodymium magnets and magnetic material cutting
  • - Various types of glass cutting (optical glass)
  • - Others
    Silica, sapphire, resin, glass epoxy board, crystal, ferrite, silicon nitride, zirconia, silicon, polychlorobiphenyl (PCB) and other material cutting

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