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YAC DAStech is an expert manufacturer of cutting machines and cutting equipment, providing complete service from design to manufacture and sales. Our technicians and personnel explain in simple terms what we can do for you, cutting technologies and support you with answers to your questions and concerns.


YAC DAStech provides contract cutting, test cuts, refurbishment and sale of cutting blades, among the wide range of services also available in addition to the manufacture and sale of cutting machines.


What are the benefits of contract cutting?

○ To meet the need for short delivery times (speed)
○ Optimum to meet the need for a wide variety of products in small quantities
○ Reducing capital investment and labor costs (except in the case of mass production)
○ Getting recommendations about a project in development
○ Handling prototype manufacture

What are the benefits of a refurbishment?

To refurbish, equipment generally means to be disassembled into parts and getting cleaned.
YAC DAStech will pick up your machine and clean and check all parts and replace those no longer serviceable, depending on your needs. A refurbishment extends the life of your equipment. Please also consult us about parts repair, or parts disassembly and cleaning, and assembly replacement and painting as well depending on your budget.
We have a solid track record of refurbishment both in Japan and overseas.
More information is on Refurbishing page under Customer Support. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Can I purchase a cutting blade?

A variety of OEM blades are available and we will help you find the right one QUICKLY. Please contact us. We have a number of blades available not only for mass production, but for prototype production as well. The YAC DAStech Applications Lab also provides for-fee test cuts.
Contact us first to also receive advice from trained technicians.

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