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For-Fee Test Cuts (Applications Lab) Make Test Cuts on Actual Machines to Select the Best One!
Trained Technicians Advise You

To select the optimum cutting machine for your workpiece, we recommend first making a test cut on actual equipment. Technicians are teamed with customers so they can explain the cutting process and check results on the spot.

Test Cut Proposals

When selecting how to cut, selecting a blade, or selecting a machine in the following cutting situations, we recommend using a test cut first.

I need to discuss specifics about a material (workpiece) rejected by other companies!
I want to test cut to evaluate a material that I want to cut!
I want to know if a YAC DAStech machine can make my cut!

Expert technicians are deeply involved in customer consultations and respond to concerns about cutting.
First, tell us what type of sample you require and your other needs.

Test Cut Work Flow

Test Cut Work Flow

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