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Company History Nearly a half century of cutting machine experience
ready to be put to a challenge by our core technical experts

Amid a world of technologies and products progressing to ever more compact size and lighter weight, cutting requests have also become more advanced and diverse. Our history as an expert manufacturer of cutting machines is also a history of development to meet industry needs.

1970 September Dai-ichi Seitosho Co., Ltd., the predecessor of DISCO Corporation, completes and releases DAS/DAD slicing machines
1984 April Transfers slicing machine manufacturing to DISCO GIKEN
1985 April Transfers slicing machine manufacturing (including the service department) to TECNISCO, LTD.
1988 June Completes and releases large slicing machine DLS-6I
1990 November Completes and releases a more rigid DAS series
1993 April Completes and releases DAS-W slicing machine
1994 July Transfers manufacturing, sales and service of slicing machines to DISCO ENGINEERING SERVICE
1994 December Completes and releases 2-spindle slicing machine DLS-32
1998 April Starts DAS project at DISCO Corporation and resumes production and sales of slicing machines
2001 December DISCO Corporation decides to split DAS Project to another company
2002 January Establishes DAStech, Inc. and appoints Shunji Yoshida as company president
2004 November Relocates main office from Shinagawa, Tokyo to Toda, Saitama Prefecture
2005 July Becomes independent through a management buyout from DISCO Corporation
2014 July Transfers operations to YAC DAStech Inc., a wholly- owned subsidiary of YAC Inc. and continues business activities
2017 December ISO9001:2015 certification

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