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Cutting Machine Lineup

Forming MachinesDAS-W65F

Shortening the flange length and function to support both ends enables high-precision, high-rigidity forming.


  • 1. Ideal movement achieved from grinding software developed based on cutting technology
  • 2. Exquisitely control the machine with special software
  • 3. Shortens the length of the blade flange. Support function for both ends in grinding further increases rigidity!
  • 4. Servo motor is adopted for X axis, Y axis and Z axis.

Suitable Materials

Maximum workpiece size: 350 mm x 80 mm

・Optical glass
・PZT substrates
・Neodymium magnets
Magnetic materials/Prisms

Structural Advantages

Servo motor is adopted for X axis, Y axis and Z axis.

Servo motor is adopted for X axis, Y axis and Z axis.

Y axis servo motor

Higher indexing accuracy by deploying servo motors to the X, Y and Z axes.

Operation panel

Operation panel

Right on the spot!
Positioning operations are easy!

Current values and displays are on easy-to-read LCD panels.
Simple display for ease of operation.

Standard Specifications

Forming Machines


Maximum workpiece size Workpiece size (mm) 350 x 80
X axis Setting range for cutting speed
Drive source
Table top accuracy
X axis straightness

0.1 - 52
AC servo motor
0.01/350 x 80
Within the horizontal plane 0.01/350, within the vertical plane 0.01/350
Y axis Effective stroke
Max travel speed
Drive source
Y axis index accuracy

AC servo motor
Accumulative error ±0.005/80, Repeatability ±0.002
Z axis Effective stroke
Max travel speed
Drive source
Z axis index accuracy

Manual handle (0.5 mm/handle rotation)
Hydraulic cylinder
Spindle Type
Maximum rotation speed
Rotation speed control
Drive motor specification
Blade dimensions

Mechanical ball bearings
7.5 2P Low vibration motor
OD φ150 x ID φ40
Operation panel LCD panel display

Data input

Manual pulser
  Present position display, X axis speed display, load current display
X axis speed input, X axis cut position input, Z axis escape input
Spindle speed input
Movement of X/Y/Z axis
Support axis positioning method Type   Positioning by special coupling
Clamp drive source Drive source   Air cylinder
Machine size Main body only (mm) 1,600 (W) x 1,440 (D) x 1,770 (H)
Machine weight Main body only (kg) 1,500

*The specification of this machine may be changed for improvement without notice.
*Please contact our sales department for cutting application inquiries on this machine.

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