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Liquid Nitrogen DispenserLN2 DISPENSER

Liquid nitrogen dispensing equipment with 500 ml inner capacity!
Small, lightweight and drip amount is adjustable to small amounts.


  • 1. Prevent oxidation by replacing oxygen with nitrogen
    *Contents of vials and test tubes during research and development
    *During the bottling of draft beers, wines, etc.
  • 2. Usage fees can be controlled and sample uniformity
    maintained by samples dropped in uniform amounts
  • 3. Significantly improved safety by eliminating
    need to handle liquid nitrogen directly

Structural Advantages

・Vacuum insulation for liquid nitrogen (-196°C) storage tanks
・Finely machined 8 mm diameter drip nozzle inhibits interference from outside air to the utmost limit to achieve a stable drip.
・Maintains constant inner pressure via the pressure regulation valve for a stable drip
Reliable design responsive to pressure increases

Standard Specifications

Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser


Product structure   Main unit only
External dimensions (mm) Overall Length: 390 / Diameter: 74 *Main unit
Machine weight (kg) 4
Material   Stainless steel
Power (V) AC 100
Liquid nitrogen capacity (ml) 500
Notes   Made in Japan (drip timing adjustment and external connections, etc. are optional)

*The specification of this machine may be changed for improvement without notice.
*Please contact our sales department for cutting application inquiries on this machine.

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LN2 DISPENSER Product Brochure


LN2 DISPENSER Product Brochure

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