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Cutting Machine Lineup

Core Drill MachinesDAR810

Numerous highly precise round shapes cut in a single process!
Fully automatic machine is able to core faster and with higher efficiency.


  • 1. Cuts round shapes from flat plates
  • 2. Concentric processing like a doughnut cut is also possible.
  • 3. Optimal for many kinds of encoders

Suitable Materials

Maximum workpiece size: 200 mm x 200 mm

・Servo motor encoders
・Silicon rectifiers
・Optical filters
・PZT substrates
Various Type of Glass/Ceramics/Quartz/Si/PCB
*Suitable for highly precise cutting of thick materials.
(Up to 30 mmt)

Structural Advantages

Core drill

Core drill
・Cylindrical diamond blade turns at high speed
・Quick processing with less chipping

Glass processing sample

Glass processing sample
・Concentric processing is realized by double blade use
・Applicable to ceramics, Si and various type of materials

Standard Specifications

Core Drill Machines


Chuck table dimension (mm) 200 x 200 (Movable range: 200 x 180)
X axis Feed speed range
Index setting range
Drive source
0.1 - 200
0.001 - 200
AC servo motor (Linear scale)
Y axis Index setting range
Index speed
Drive source
0.001 - 180
MAX 40
AC servo motor (Linear scale)
Z axis Effective stroke
Cutting height setting range
Minimum index step
Max move speed
Processing speed
Drive source
0.001 - 75
MAX 20
0.06 - 20
AC servo motor
θ axis Rotation range
Minimum resolution
Drive source
DD motor (15 Nm)
Spindle Type
Rotation speed range
Rotation control system
Core drill (Blade) size
Safety interlock


Direct drive, ball bearing spindle
2,000 - 12,000
Frequency conversion, no-step shifting type via inverter
2.2 2P
OD φ3.1 - φ80 x φ20 (shank diameter)
1.Spindle stops at the waterproof cover open.
2.Spindle will not rotate with cover unclosed.
Operation panel Touch panel   Showing the operation switch, cutting data, parameter setting, error massages, etc.
Auto transferring system     Cassette to cassette, 2 cassettes loading
Accuracy Table top accuracy
X axis index accuracy
Y axis index accuracy
Z axis index accuracy
Spindle rotation run out
θ axis index accuracy
0.02/200 x 200
Accumulative error ±0.01/200
Accumulative error ±0.01/180
Accumulative error ±0.01/75
Spindle radial run out
Accumulative error 25"/360°
Repeatability ±0.005
Repeatability ±0.005
Repeatability ±0.005
Utility Power
Power consumption
Air source pressure
Air consumption

3 phase 200 V 50/60 Hz
Driving source: 200 (A.N.R)

Air shower: 1,440 (A.N.R)
Coolant supply unit Coolant water pressure
Coolant consumption (MAX)
Power consumption
2 (cooler unit)
Spindle cooling unit Cooling unit power consumption (kVA) 0.8
Machine body size/weight   (mm)/(kg) 1,975 (W) x 1,500 (D) x 1,890 (H) / 1,000
Coolant unit dimensions/weight (option) (mm)/(kg) 1,140 (W) x 960 (D) x 1,310 (H) / 120 (empty)

*The specification of this machine may be changed for improvement without notice.
*Please contact our sales department for cutting application inquiries on this machine.

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DAS810 Product Brochure


DAS810 Product Brochure

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