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YAC DAStech is authorized to purchase and sell used equipment.
Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission Permit No. 431020030998
Corporation YAC DAStech, Inc. Machine Tool Dealer

Used cutting machines, dicing saws and semiconductor manufacturing equipment
We buy! We refurbish and sell!

We will purchase cutting machines, dicing saws and semiconductor manufacturing equipment you no longer need, or that sleeps in the corner of your shop or warehouse. Consult us first for third-party products and products that are broken, or missing parts or older models. In addition, we refurbish and adjust the products we purchase at YAC DAStech before we resell them.
Staff dedicated to this business at YAC DAStech are expanding this branch of our services on a global scale.
We also operate a dedicated Dicing Saw Refurbish Factory that delivers the latest information to the public.
For more information or inquiries on buying and selling used equipment, visit our dedicated web site.

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